Reflection on Zacchaeus Sunday

Today is 29 January, 2017, the 37th Sunday after Pentecost, the Sunday of Zacchaeus. “What is crowd is blocking your view of Christ?” Father asked in his homily, “What do you need to climb above in order to see him?” While anything at all can obstruct our seeing, Father highlighted four things that are particularly troublesome […]

Remembering how we gather

St. Paul admonishes us not to forsake the gathering of believers. But here is the thing: none of us, Christian or otherwise, forsake the gathering of believers. The question, and what must be kept in dear remembrance is the question “what believers”? Look at who you offer your time you, who you spend your time […]

Happiness is not some wounded gazelle

Happiness is not some thing to be pursued. It is something practiced, practiced or imagined. Though, given, what is imagined is not always otherwise than real. Happiness happens, is an event, it takes place, in time. Time takes place, births forth in the material, in the physical. It is not touch. It is touching. Always, time is event, moment. Only after this is it chronology, narrative.

the captain’s block: words of introduction on a 9th

Today is a 9th. It is the 9th of a September. It is a good day. It is a good day for starting this thing, for letting it become whatever it will be. It is, as it is, an appropriate start.

By way of introduction, I must offer a confession. This project is a revival, a retrieval of a sorts, of something I’ve either lost or buried along a way. It is, it will be, for the most part, occasional observations and bits of something like a dialogue.